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Riddles, Science and Experience - Fifth Class

 How did the class go? Due to the internet issues, I was a little late to join the class. As I joined, I found out Eak sir had presented some riddles and my classmates were providing answers as well as the logic via which they reach the conclusion. It must have been a fun session but I had missed the major portion of it.  Then began the presentation by classmates in which they covered the topic about value of science, scientific and unscientific explanations along with their differences, scientific inquiry, experiments ad hoc hypothesis and such. I had not slept well that day so I dozed off while the presentation was going on. (Both pro and cons of the online class) When I woke up startled, Eak sir then handed over the screen to all of us and asked us to speak about any notable point in the presentation or ask questions. In desperate hope of saving myself from embarrassment, I quickly went through the topic that had been presented and came up with a good enough question.  Eak sir then

Science vs Pseudoscience and the Hypothesis - Fourth Class

 How did the class go? The class began with a student debate on Science and Pseudoscience. When Eak Sir asked the class for volunteers I was eager to take part, but I was not in a favorable situation to turn on my mic. So I had to let go of the opportunity.  Prateek (who was in favor of Pseudoscience) explained how science was based on pseudoscience which aligned with my studies and interpretations of myths and holy books. Sampanna presented the ways in which we make rational decisions based on science. His answer supported his argument for the second question the teacher had asked, "Can anyone be a scientist?". Sampanna said how individuals without the knowledge of science can be using intricate ways of doing things that are based on pure science. With the conclusion of this student engagement portion, we moved on to the topic of Science and Hypothesis. Eak sir had brought a presentation on a boy trying to find out if the size of the loaf of bread would increase if the amoun

First Presentation of the Semester - Third Class

  How did the class go? Today, there were 3 presentations scheduled for the class. Eak sir started the class by explaining the fundamentals of Logic, the propositions, the premises, and arguments. He asked us to write two reasons why we were a good student. He then asked us to present our premises in the class itself. This took more than the first 30 minutes of the class.  Then, my classmate, Bhumika was asked to present on the pre-designated topic. She had a beautifully prepared presentation. After her presentation, Eak sir started explaining more on the topic and asked feedback and questions from the students as well. I was given a chance to ask questions to the presenter, but as I was waiting for the turn of my own presentation, I backed out. Eak sir went on talking more on the topic and almost lost track of time. As an anxious presenter, I was desperately waiting for my turn.  Finally, It was my turn to present. I was halfway through the presentation when there was an electricity c

The one with short lecture - Second Class

  How did the class go? This class was a short one because our teacher had an appointment elsewhere for the speech. He presented two blogs in the class, one mine and the other of my friend Aarsh, as we were the only ones who had submitted the blog.  I had joined the class late and when I joined my blog was on the screen. For a moment I was unsure whether he was criticizing my blog or praising it. However, he commended me for writing a blog as per his expectations.  He then ended the class. My Reflection Regarding the class If the class was going to be this short with not much information shared, the teacher could have simply informed us via email. It could have saved a lot of time for him as well as us.  Moreover, the lecture ending shortly was a huge benefit for me because I had to drop one of my relatives at the airport and would have missed half of the lecture if it had been conducted as per our regular schedule.  Guess, Luck Does exits Deliverables I have to ready my presentation f

Beginning the Journey of Logic - First Class

How did the class go? The first class and I was late. I was engaged with some works in my office which caused me to join the class around 30 minutes late. When I entered the class there was a heated discussion going on between one of my friends and our teacher Eak Prasad Dawadi. At first, I was confused since I had entered the class mid-way of the discussion. After listening to the arguments and asking around with my classmates, I figured the discussion was regarding "If the students should open the camera during the online class or not?". Eak sir was giving examples and good reasoning regarding why keeping the cameras on in the class is necessary. However, since we were used to turning off the video as well as this was in my personal best interest as well, because I did not have a good quality camera on my portable laptop, I kept quiet.  After the class ended, Eak sir explained further how we will proceed in the class. He also gave a ridiculously elaborated presentation abou