Riddles, Science and Experience - Fifth Class

 How did the class go?

Due to the internet issues, I was a little late to join the class. As I joined, I found out Eak sir had presented some riddles and my classmates were providing answers as well as the logic via which they reach the conclusion. It must have been a fun session but I had missed the major portion of it. 

Then began the presentation by classmates in which they covered the topic about value of science, scientific and unscientific explanations along with their differences, scientific inquiry, experiments ad hoc hypothesis and such. I had not slept well that day so I dozed off while the presentation was going on. (Both pro and cons of the online class)

When I woke up startled, Eak sir then handed over the screen to all of us and asked us to speak about any notable point in the presentation or ask questions. In desperate hope of saving myself from embarrassment, I quickly went through the topic that had been presented and came up with a good enough question. 

Eak sir then showed us the video about deductive and inductive arguments. I quickly went to Youtube searched for the video, bookmarked it, and went back to sleep. I could hear Eak sir sharing anecdotes but I was too tired and sleepy to make out anything from it.

My Reflection

I could have been more present in the class and have participated in the discussions more. However, I chose to sleep because I had to go to work after the class where there was not a chance of getting any sleep. 

I did ask for all the presentation slides and the video link was bookmarked so that I can catch up on the topic later. 


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