First Presentation of the Semester - Third Class


How did the class go?

Today, there were 3 presentations scheduled for the class. Eak sir started the class by explaining the fundamentals of Logic, the propositions, the premises, and arguments. He asked us to write two reasons why we were a good student. He then asked us to present our premises in the class itself. This took more than the first 30 minutes of the class. 

Then, my classmate, Bhumika was asked to present on the pre-designated topic. She had a beautifully prepared presentation. After her presentation, Eak sir started explaining more on the topic and asked feedback and questions from the students as well.

I was given a chance to ask questions to the presenter, but as I was waiting for the turn of my own presentation, I backed out. Eak sir went on talking more on the topic and almost lost track of time. As an anxious presenter, I was desperately waiting for my turn. 

Finally, It was my turn to present. I was halfway through the presentation when there was an electricity cutt off in my area. Bad luck at its height. 

I quickly took mobile data and joined the class, resumed my presentation and concluded it quickly. My co-presenter was then allowed to present. She also completed her presentation hastily as we were nearing the end of our allocated time.

Eak sir then took some questions from the students and ended the class. Before the lecture ended, our representative proposed to the teacher, first help us understand the topic from his end before we present.

My Reflection Regarding the class

Today was my very first presentation of this semester, as well as the logic class. Unfortunately, I had been swamped during the week and thus have had no time to make one. However, luckily my first class for the day was canceled, and I had time to prepare the presentation right before the class started. 

I also grasped some basic concepts from the presentation that was before me, which allowed me to present my topic much more confidently. 

However, when I concluded the presentation, I realized I had elaborated the presentation unnecessarily and taken a long time to conclude then it was required. Thus, this is something I should be keeping in my mind during upcoming presentations and speeches. 

I felt that students presentation before teachers remarks was actually a good idea because it not only develops our understanding on the topic we were given to research but also our listening skills to that of our friends presentation in order to understand the topic.


Introduction to Logic

  • Logic is the study of the methods and principles used to distinguish correct reasoning from incorrect reasoning.
  • All reasoning is thinking but not all thinking is reasoning.
  • Aristotle is the father of formal "Logic".

Fundamentals of Logic

  • A proposition asserts that something is the case. Thus, every proposition is either true or false.
  • Argument is a group of propositions of which one is claimed to follow from the others, which are regarded as providing support for the truth of the one. 
  • The argument is a technical term that need not involve disagreement or controversy. 
  • Logic is chiefly concerned with arguments.
  • The conclusion of an argument is the proposition that is affirmed based on the other propositions of the argument. 


Due to my bad internet connection, as I was on data, I did not find any tasks the teacher has assigned us for our upcoming class. 


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