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Languages and their function - Eight Class

   How did the class go? Today, there was a bit of confusion in the class about who was to present. Some students were asking the teacher to give a lecture on the topic first before asking for anyone to present. Since no one was ready with their presentation, Eak sir decided to start a new topic ‘The Uses of Language’. As usual, the teacher asked us our understanding of the topic of Language. He askes us what language is and how languages are different. After gathering general ideas such as language is a means to communicate, Eak sir then started the discussion on the types of words and types of sentences.  He also shared his way of understanding the types of words which I was not able to grasp due to a poor internet connection. My Reflection I was disinterested by the argument of my classmates on whether the teacher should teach the topic first before asking any students to present. For me, student presentation on any topic and teacher's feedback to add any missing points was a we

The one after Dashain - Seventh Class

How did the class go? It was the first logic class after Dashain Festival. Due to the festival, I was not in any mood to take the class today. However, I did join the class to my friends presenting on the topic of fallacies. This reminded me that we were discussing fallacies just before the vacation.  I was feeling lazy and was not actively listening to my friends, rather was letting the presentation play in the background; perks of an online class.  After their presentation ended, Eak sir asked us about the reflection on the presentation by our classmates. He then wrapped up the class early which was exactly what I was hoping for because I was in no mood to attend a full 2 hours lecture.  My Reflection Since it was the first class after vacation, I was feeling lazy to participate actively. I did chime in my opinions when sir had asked for reflection but was not an honest one. 

Fallacy and Approaching Dashain - Sixth Class

 How did the class go? The class was very interesting today. Eak sir showed us the video about fallacies in logic. Since the video was well arranged with relevant examples, it was easy to understand.  Later he asked about our understanding of the fallacies. Recalling to the very first lecture when he said "Students who do not turn on their video in the class are bad', the teacher asked us to explain the fallacy in the argument. I pointed out it was a Hasty Generalization because he was rushing to conclusions based on incomplete information.  He also asked us which fallacy we found interesting. For me it was, Slippery slope,  which implies that the end result of today's actions could be something terrible. For Example "If I give you a raise, then I have to give everyone a raise, and then the company will go bankrupt.” The teacher was satisfied with my answer.  After one hour, he wrapped up the class and we exchanged wishes for upcoming dashain.  My Reflection Since th