The one with short lecture - Second Class


How did the class go?

This class was a short one because our teacher had an appointment elsewhere for the speech. He presented two blogs in the class, one mine and the other of my friend Aarsh, as we were the only ones who had submitted the blog. 

I had joined the class late and when I joined my blog was on the screen. For a moment I was unsure whether he was criticizing my blog or praising it. However, he commended me for writing a blog as per his expectations. 

He then ended the class.

My Reflection Regarding the class

If the class was going to be this short with not much information shared, the teacher could have simply informed us via email. It could have saved a lot of time for him as well as us. 

Moreover, the lecture ending shortly was a huge benefit for me because I had to drop one of my relatives at the airport and would have missed half of the lecture if it had been conducted as per our regular schedule. 

Guess, Luck Does exits


I have to ready my presentation for the upcoming class. 


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