Beginning the Journey of Logic - First Class

How did the class go?

The first class and I was late. I was engaged with some works in my office which caused me to join the class around 30 minutes late. When I entered the class there was a heated discussion going on between one of my friends and our teacher Eak Prasad Dawadi. At first, I was confused since I had entered the class mid-way of the discussion. After listening to the arguments and asking around with my classmates, I figured the discussion was regarding "If the students should open the camera during the online class or not?".

Eak sir was giving examples and good reasoning regarding why keeping the cameras on in the class is necessary. However, since we were used to turning off the video as well as this was in my personal best interest as well, because I did not have a good quality camera on my portable laptop, I kept quiet. 

After the class ended, Eak sir explained further how we will proceed in the class. He also gave a ridiculously elaborated presentation about himself which I found quite boring. In my opinion, he did this to establish his credibility, which I believe is not necessary for a teacher. 

My Reflection Regarding the class

The discussion regarding keeping the video on in class extended way beyond then necessary. Online classes are difficult and not allowing students to be in their comfort zone makes the classes much difficult.

On the other hand, I did like the way the lecture is going to proceed in upcoming classes. We will be assigned a topic on which we have to present and Eak sir will be giving the concluding feedback as well as add to the topic if we have missed anything. This would be the case for every topic in the logic class which got me excited. 

Similarly, the teacher asked us to write a blog daily after the class ended regarding how the class went and our reflection on it. I was excited to get back to Blogspot because I had tried many times to establish the habit of journaling and regular blog writing but was unable to maintain the discipline and consistency required. Now, although the topics and contents are going to be boring, this will definitely build a habit of writing daily blogs and I am happy about that. 

However, I am a little unsure if I am following the right way and including everything the teacher has asked for in this blog. I consulted with my friends as well but they were also unsure regarding this.

The only thing that I am worried about is my attendance. Since I work on multiple jobs and have affiliations outside academics, I have a hard time maintaining punctuality. Even in the previous semesters, I have had to miss classes due to work and affiliations. Assignments and Presentations were not a problem but regular attendance is gonna be a big challenge for me, and the added pressure of the grades, associated with attendance and class engagement. 


Since it was the first class so not much new learning on the topic. My note also does not reflect any topic that was new information to me. 


Before the next class, we are required to write the blog of the first lecture. The teacher has also scheduled a short introduction of us in the next class. Furthermore, we have been assigned a topic for our presentations but the deadlines are not clear so looking forward to that in the next class.


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