Fallacy and Approaching Dashain - Sixth Class

 How did the class go?

The class was very interesting today. Eak sir showed us the video about fallacies in logic. Since the video was well arranged with relevant examples, it was easy to understand. 

Later he asked about our understanding of the fallacies. Recalling to the very first lecture when he said "Students who do not turn on their video in the class are bad', the teacher asked us to explain the fallacy in the argument. I pointed out it was a Hasty Generalization because he was rushing to conclusions based on incomplete information. 

He also asked us which fallacy we found interesting. For me it was, Slippery slope, which implies that the end result of today's actions could be something terrible. For Example "If I give you a raise, then I have to give everyone a raise, and then the company will go bankrupt.”

The teacher was satisfied with my answer. 

After one hour, he wrapped up the class and we exchanged wishes for upcoming dashain. 

My Reflection

Since the lecture today was short, interactive and engaging, I loved it. This line pretty much sums up my reflection for lecture today.

Another thing that made me happy was, Eak sir did not assign us any vacation tasks. Because based on the classes I had attended and the impression he had set on my mind, I was expecting him to provide us tasks such as finding the science behind Dashain and how we observed it. I am really glad he did not assign us these kinds of tasks during vacation.


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