The one after Dashain - Seventh Class

How did the class go?

It was the first logic class after Dashain Festival. Due to the festival, I was not in any mood to take the class today. However, I did join the class to my friends presenting on the topic of fallacies. This reminded me that we were discussing fallacies just before the vacation. 

I was feeling lazy and was not actively listening to my friends, rather was letting the presentation play in the background; perks of an online class. 

After their presentation ended, Eak sir asked us about the reflection on the presentation by our classmates. He then wrapped up the class early which was exactly what I was hoping for because I was in no mood to attend a full 2 hours lecture. 

My Reflection

Since it was the first class after vacation, I was feeling lazy to participate actively. I did chime in my opinions when sir had asked for reflection but was not an honest one. 


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