First Physical Class - Ninth Class

How did the class go?

Today was my first physical class of  Logic. I was bedridden due to Jaundice and have missed the previous two physical classes. My friends told me those two classes were fun because the lectures were short and Eak sir had some interesting games to engage the class throughout. This made me raise my expectations about the class I was about to attend. 

The class started with a few failed attempts to get the projector working. Eak sir inquired on whose turn it was to present on which he was responded with the argument going on in our previous online classes as well; Eak sir should teach the topic first before students were asked to present. 

Since no one had prepared the presentation, the teacher divided us into group of 2 and asked us to brainstorm on the question 'Is it necessary for an Individual to get formal knowledge about Logic to become good Logician?' 

Me and my partner Darpan decided that it is not necessary for an individual to get formal knowledge about Logic to become good Logician. Our arguments were as follows

'Is it necessary for an Individual to get formal knowledge about Logic to become good Logician?'

No, Because
  • Arguments are to persuade the audience in regards to the point you are trying to make, so in practice, it does not matter if your argument is full of fallacies as long as the audience subscribes to the point you are advocating for.
  • Many of the politicians in Nepal and around the world criticize the personal character of their opposition which is referred to as "ad hominem". But many have successfully persuaded the audience despite committing a major fallacy.

Then the teacher asked the students to present their findings but not everyone got their turn.

After that, Eak sir started describing his experience in teaching and how he has found that a one-way lecture delivered by a teacher is not an effective way to teach a class. He believes that if the students remained engaged and involved in the class they are likely to learn more about the topic on hand. He then ended the class because we were reluctant to start a new topic. 

My Reflection

My expectations about the class were high and I was hoping the class would be fun like previous classes that my friends described. However, it was a different way of fun. I loved the brainstorming session because I personally do not like to stay and listen to the teacher going on about a particular topic; this makes me lazy, restless and sleepy. 

When the turn came to present the findings of our brainstorming session, I do not know why I did not step up. Normally, I feel good to get a chance to present my ideas in front of everyone but today was different, I did not feel like contributing at all. And, Eak sir also did not ask our group to present. 

I feel like I am being unnoticed in the class and which are likely to affect my grades in class involvements. So I felt like I need to contribute more in the upcoming classes.  


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